Suzhou Industrial Park Royal Mansion


People's Republic of China



Located in the centre of Hudong, Suzhou Industrial Park Royal Mansion is exquisitely designed and modelled after German smart homes. The project utilises five state-of-the-art architectural technological systems: centralised ventilation, same-floor wastewater discharge, floor heating, centre-mounted sunshade windows and air source heat pumps. Suzhou Industrial Park Royal Mansion redefines Hudong's quality lifestyle by incorporating exquisite interiors with premium international brands.

The project features residences with a total gross floor area of 220,000 square meters surrounded by green foliage with views of two natural lake shores. It has convenient access to various transportation amenities and is of close proximity to mature commercial & retail hubs as well as elite schools.

The project won the title of "China's Best Real Estate Model of 2014".

Key Information
Gross Floor Area
226,974.04 m2
Number of Units Owned
1,190 apartments