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Commercial Center, Hotels & Schools
Project Name Location Description Total Gross Floor Area Year Completed/ Expected Year of Completion
Etonhouse International School, Wuxi
Wuxi The school accommodates more than four hundred foreign students from various nationalities. It provides students with a high quality international curriculum from preschool to high school and its curriculum lines up with that of the British Commonwealth of Nations. 7,269 2008
Wuxi Chiway Regent Town Community Center
Wuxi Wuxi Chiway Regent Town Community Center is a four story commercial building which provides convenient lifestyle for the local community. 7,397 2008
Wuxi Chiway Center
Wuxi Wuxi Chiway Center is located at Wuxi Taihu Avenue. It includes a 26-storey Grade A office building and a 20-storey service apartment integrated with ecological, landscaping and intelligent features. It is a city landmark close to the Tai Lake. The project has won the "2010-2011 National Quality Project Award". 44,800 2009
Suzhou Fortune Plaza
Suzhou Suzhou Fortune Plaza provides shopping, food and beverage, cultural entertainment and living facilities - a one-stop service for Suzhou International Education Park (North). 55,293 2010
Suzhou Hovle Mansion
Suzhou Suzhou Hovle Mansion is structured upon the old house of the Pans, a famous local family, and the former residence of Huang Pilie, an outstanding book collector in the Qing dynasty. The site is now made into a boutique mansion featuring high-end business clubs, in a quiet, refined, elegant and comfortable environment – an excellent fusion of classical charm with modern simplistic function. 7,950 2011
Shanghai Chiway Education Center, Changning
Shanghai Shanghai Chiway Education Center is close to the three famous business districts of Zhongshan Park, Jing'an Temple and Caojiadu, and therefore enjoy convenient transportation links. The project aims to bring together famous domestic and foreign educational enterprises to create a one-stop education service mall. 18,000 2013
Suzhou Fortune Innovation Center
Suzhou Suzhou Fortune Innovation Center is an office building that caters to research and education organizations. It is mainly used for education management, training centers for high-tech corporations and high-end office buildings. The Innovation Center is surrounded by various commercial ancillary facilities such as hotels, banks and restaurants. 34,565 2013
Etonhouse International School, Xuzhou Xuzhou Whalton International School
Xuzhou Etonhouse International School, Xuzhou utilizes the faous Eton-inspired "Exploration-Reflection-Learning" curriculum for children aged eighteen months to six years old. Xuzhou Whalton International School is a private, full-tme primary and secondary international boarding school. The school designs targeted, appropriate, and extended curriculums for its students. 92,383 2014
Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou
Suzhou The Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou (OCAS) is an international, bilingual school located just south of the Suzhou Singapore International School (SSIS). OCAS aims to offer an internationalized curriculum to the children of overseas returnees from the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) and other surrounding areas. If spaces are available, OCAS will also enroll international students and other Chinese students seeking an international education. 52,158 2017
Suzhou Chiway Star Hub
Suzhou Suzhou Chiway Star Hub is located in the China–Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, next to Jinji Lake and neighboring Suzhou Culture & Expo Center. The project positioning is a one-stop fashion complex which accommodates fashion businesses, serviced apartments, a boutique SOHO as well as a college for retirees. 77,869 2018
Overseas Chinese Academy Wuxi
Wuxi The Overseas Chinese Academy Wuxi aims to offer an internationalized curriculum to the children of overseas returnees in the area. 24,312 2018
Xuzhou Starmall Plaza
Xuzhou Xuzhou Starmall Plaza is located in Science and Education Innovation Park and benefits from the science and education industries. It gathers together fields such as commerce, finance, culture, exhibition, education, high-tech and lifestyle, representing an important urban composition in a regional center of Xuzhou. 249,012 Phase 1: 2017
Phase 2-4: 2019
Residential and Commercial Projects
Project Name Location Description Total Gross Floor Area Year Completed/ Expected Year of Completion
Suzhou Xuefu Garden
Suzhou Suzhou Xuefu Garden is located in the International Education Park (North) in Suzhou. It is close to Shangfangshan National Forest Park and Shihu Scenic Area and enjoys favorable geographical conditions. The project includes an inner suburb community that provides areas for living, relaxation, entertainment and travel. 190,911 2005/2009
Wuxi Chiway Regent Town
Wuxi Wuxi Chiway Regent Town is located in the administrative center of Wuxi New District. The project is modelled on the blueprint of an international community and is equipped with international education facilities, such as the Eton House International School. 347,883 2008/2013
Suzhou Landscape Garden
Suzhou Suzhou Landscape Garden is located in the International Education Park (North) and enjoys favorable geographical conditions.This Project has developed a complex community that hosts courtyard houses, joint courtyard villas and multi-storey buildings. 212,683 Phase 1: 2009
Phase 2: 2011
Suzhou Herun Garden
Suzhou Suzhou Herun Garden is located in the center of Pingjiang New Town, with convenient transportation links. The project consists of 13 buildings, including residential properties and retail space. 118,263 2011
Suzhou Hetai Garden
Suzhou Suzhou Hetai Garden is located close to both Baiyang Bay Biological Park and Jinchang New Town Ecological Park with convenient transportation links. The project is a community mainly comprising 26-30 storey high-rise residential buildings, and has won the "2013 China Civil Engineering Zhantianyou Award-Gold Award of Excellent Residential Community". 328,044 2012/2014
Wuxi Jun Mansion
Wuxi Wuxi Jun Mansion is located on the south bank of the Liangxi River. Its Neoclassical French style garden complements the Art Deco architectural concept. 50,913 2013
Wuxi Chiway Artdeco Garden
Wuxi Wuxi Chiway Artdeco Garden is located in Beitang District, near Huishan International Forest Park, and has convenient transportation links. The project is a mixed development comprising residential and commercial units, and adopts the Art Deco neoclassical style and uses water features to liven up the functional areas. 189,997 Phase 1: 2009
Phase 2: 2010
Phase 3: 2013
Suzhou Hemei Garden
Suzhou Suzhou Hemei Garden is one of the key projects as a part of the city government's affordable housing policy. It is located in Jinchang New Town district and was awarded the "2016 China Civil Engineering Zhantianyou Award-Gold Award of Excellent residential Community". 262,536 2014
Zhangjiagang Royal Palace
Zhangjiagang Zhangjiagang Royal Palace is the first development to introduce the classic Chicago architectural style. It follows a hotel-style development concept, features a double-height interior lobby, and is equipped with an exclusive Gold Club. The project won the title 'China Top 10 Quality Habitat Model Estate' in 2012. 157,134 Phase 1: 2013
Phase 2: 2015
Suzhou Royal Palace
Suzhou Suzhou Royal Palace is an art deco architectural style project located right next to the shopping area of Guanqian Street. It has won titles such as "The 2013 Innovative Real Estate Model of China" and " 2014 Top 10 Model Project of China’s Real Estate Development Enterprises". 243,897 Phase 1: 2015
Phase 2: 2016
Phase 3: 2016
Shanghai Royal Palace
Shanghai Shanghai Royal Palace is located in the core commercial area of Jinshan District, Shanghai, close to the district executive business center. It is a mixed development comprising a central upscale residential community and commercial units. 136,902 Phase 1: 2010
Phase 2: 2013
Phase 3: 2017
Suzhou Industrial Park Royal Mansion
Suzhou Suzhou Industrial Park Royal Mansion is situated within a superb natural environment with two natural lake shores, good transportation links as well as access to mature commercial and elite school facilities.The project has employed five architectural technological systems including a central ventilation system, same-floor wastewater discharge, floor heating, mid-sunshade and air source heat pumps, and is fitted with premium international brands. The project won the title "China’s Best Real Estate Model of 2014". 226,437 Phase 1: 2016
Phase 2: 2017
Suzhou Chiway Prime Palace
Suzhou Suzhou Chiway Prime Palace features villas in brownstone architectural style. This project aims to offer premium, low-density residences. 99,863 2017
Xuancheng Chiway Top Town
Xuancheng Xuancheng Chiway Top Town is located next to the Wanxi River and Crocodie Lake scenic areas. By taking advantage of the surrounding natural habitat, the landscape around the residential area is maximized, thereby creating a multi-layered ecological community. The project has won awards such as the '2012 China Top Ten Green Livable Boutique Real Estate' and 'China Real Estate Habitat Environment Best Practice Gold Prize'. 652,820 Phase 1: 2014
Phase 2: 2014/2016
Phase 3: 2015/2017
Phase 4: 2018
Suzhou Chiway Royal Paradise Bay
Suzhou Suzhou Chiway Royal Paradise Bay provides convenient transportation links and easy access to supporting facilities. Featuring German-style decoration and leveraging on its land attributes, this project offers a premium range of villas and high-rise units. 65,221 2018
Suzhou Bliss Habour
Suzhou Suzhou Bliss Harbour is surrounded by Sunshine Department Store, Izumiya, Metro, Lifeng Times Square. It is a high end mixed development project that comprises high-rise residential condominium, offices, serviced apartments and hotels. The full range of products provides a multi-functional living experience. 129,174 2018
Wuhan Chiway Moma Royal Palace
Wuhan Wuhan Chiway MOMΛ Royal Palace provides easy access to commercial, banking and park facilities, and provides convenient transportation links via bus, metro and urban trunk roads. A combination of modern European architectural style and green, ecological landscape, this project aims to create a landmark premium green, technology-based high-rise residential community. 51,224 2018
Wuxi Chiway Prime Palace
Wuxi Wuxi Chiway Prime Palace provides good access to educational and commercial facilities. One of the few townhouse projects featuring lush greenery and low density in the urban area of Wuxi, the project features a brownstone facade and integrates the landscape design of traditional courtyard culture elements in the south of the Yangtze River. 21,321 2018
Xuzhou Royal Palace
Xuzhou Xuzhou Royal Palace is located in the Science and Education Industrial Park, and is home to a number of high-end education brands. The international education living blocks span 800,000 sqm and are mainly for high-level innovative projects. The project has won the title "China's Most Influential Real Estate" in 2013. 487,802 Phase 1: 2015
Phase 2: 2017
Phase 3: 2018
Phase 4: 2019
Nanjing Royal Lake Mansion
Nanjing Nanjing Royal Lake Mansion is located in the center of Lake Baijia region, providing residents with access to the exclusive leisure greenbelt area and private courtyards in front of the buildings. The aim is to create a unique well-designed, city style lakefront luxury residential area in Jiangning District. 60,971 2019
Suzhou Ferries Wheel Amusement Park Project
Suzhou Suzhou Ferries Wheel Amusement Park Project is a mixed development comprising residential, commercial units and a amusement park. 92,574 2019
Wuhan Chiway Lakeside Palace
Wuhan Wuhan Chiway Lakeside Palace is located next to Tencent's Central China R&D Center, the Jiangxia District People's Government, and Wuhan Textile University Sunshine Campus. This project provides supporting facilities and convenient transportation links within a pleasant environment, aiming to create a high-end lakeside ecological residential community. 240,680 2019
Zhangjiagang Chiway Royal Paradise Bay
Zhangjiagang Zhangjiagang Chiway Royal Paradise Bay provides access to commercial facilities such as the Grand Hyatt, Jincheng BOC Building, and Broadcast Radio and Television Tower. It integrates administrative, commercial and financial functions, and is close to education, healthcare and other facilities. Taking a technology-based residential development approach, the project combines a number of building technology concepts, aiming to create a high-quality intelligent high-rise residential community. 100,929 2019
Wuxi Industrial Park Royal Mansion
Wuxi Wuxi Industrial Park Royal Mansion is located in the center of the Taihu New City, with a magnificent view of the Jinkui Park. The project integrates a number of building technology systems and green, ecological systems into this high-end residential community, aiming to fully enhance the quality and living experience. 250,085 Phase 1: 2019
Phase 2: 2019
Phase 3: 2021
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