Key Management

Mr. Li Bin
President and COO

Mr. Li Bin joined CWG in February 2009 as a general manager in charge of the operations of Shanghai Investment, and rose to rank as the President and Chief Operating Officer.

He has been responsible for the overall management of the daily operations of CWG since 2011. Mr. Li started his career in January 2002 as a project director in Shanghai Matsuoka Co., Ltd. Jiulongshan Development Company, where he was responsible for overseeing various operational aspects of the company's real estate division. From June 2004 to August 2009, Mr. Li worked at Shanghai Daye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd and Shanghai Daye Hotel Management Co., Ltd, where he managed the company's project development projects and investment properties.

Mr. Li graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Laws from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1999. He obtained a Master of Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2002, and a Senior Master of Business Administration from the School of Management of Fudan University in 2012.

Mr. Gong Ming
China Country Managing Director

Mr. Gong Ming is responsible for the Group's operations in the PRC. He has about 20 years of industry experience and has extensive relationships with local governments, agencies and professional entities.

He joined the Group in June 1998 and rose through the ranks to become the Deputy CEO. Prior to this, he was the Deputy Head of Wuxi Petrochemical Bureau's Technical Division.

Mr. Gong graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Chemistry from Shanghai Tongji University in 1989. He obtained an Executive Master of Business Administration from Fudan University in 2004.

Dr. Ying Rao
CEO of CWG Development Pty Ltd

Dr. Ying Rao is responsible for the overall direction and strategy of the Group's operations in Australia. He was appointed on 26 August 2016 as the CEO of CWG Development Pty Ltd, the Group's key operating subsidiary in Australia. He has extensive experience in urban design and master planning in China and Australia and is recognised globally for winning many international design competitions. He has been leading inter-disciplinary and multi-national teams to achieve design excellence for more than a decade and brings to the Group a strong network of industry contacts in China and abroad.

He joined the Group from PTW Architects, an Australian architecture firm headquartered in Sydney, where he was Head of China Business and Head of Urban Design from July 2013 to July 2016. Dr. Rao's professional focus is sustainable urban development - ecological environment, form, space, transportation, economic growth and implementation mechanism. He has worked closely with PRC investors of varying sizes, both personal and institutional for many years, assisting them in selection, design and development of both large scale and mid-size projects across many sectors.

Dr. Rao is a Full Member of Planning Institute Australia and received his PhD in Urban Design from the University of Sydney in 2001. He received his Bachelor of Engineering (Architecture) degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing in 1991.

Mr. Peter Lai
President of CWG Development LLC

Mr. Peter Lai is responsible for the overall direction and strategy of the Group's operations in the U.S.. He was appointed on 30 August 2016 as President of CWG Development LLC, the Group's key operating subsidiary in the U.S.. He has over 20 years of experience in real estate acquisition, development, infrastructural engineering and construction management both in the U.S. as well as in China.

Prior to this, he was a Vice President for Oceanwide Holdings in Los Angeles, where he was instrumental in managing the firm's development of a US$1.5 billion mixed-use mega project in Downtown LA, an iconic landmark project that includes a five-star hotel, 500 ultra-luxury condominium apartments, a high-end retail centre, and the world's largest contiguous high resolution LED panel.

Among his significant previous positions, Mr. Lai served as Senior Vice President and Partner of RJN Group, Inc., a leading nationwide consulting firm in providing innovative solutions to municipal infrastructure improvements and developments. He managed the firm's operations in the southwest market covering several states including Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. He was also an Executive Vice President and Director for U.S. China Chamber of Commerce in Dallas, Texas from 2009 to 2015.

Mr. Lai has a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from South China University of Technology.

Ms. Ru Wenyan
Assistant President

Ms. Ru Wenyan is the Assistant President and oversees the investment management division of CWG. She started her career in 2002 in the finance division of a subsidiary within the CIMC Group before joining CWG in 2008. Within the group, she had diverse exposure across finance and investment roles.

Ms. Ru graduated with a Bachelor of International Accounting from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2002, and obtained a Master of Business Administration from the China Europe International Business School in 2016.